Friday, 12 January 2007

Neural substrates of envisioning the future

Cortical regions exhibiting activity differences and similarities during past and future thought. (A–D) Percent signal change for representative regions showing a significant interaction such that imagining of future events (SF) led to greater activation over the 10-modeled timepoints than did recollecting oneself in the past (SR). Both self-related tasks also led to greater activity than a control task involving imagery of another person participating in similar events (CI). (E–H) Percent signal change for selected regions showing a statistically indistinguishable pattern of activity across time while subjects envisioned their personal future (SF) and recollected the past (SR) in response to a series of event cues (e.g., Birthday). Imagining a familiar individual in similar scenarios (CI) resulted in a pattern of activity different from both the past and future tasks (View Full Text Paper).

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